Liberation from Sect

There's no need to think about getting a gun and getting the person out because the police are there. This is often not the case because these sects bring their consciousness to spiritual realms where they are outside the limits of everyday reality. There is therefore a need for a person who is able to penetrate these levels and, as a result of his activities, it may already be possible for the police to take action.

First question: is sect at all

Sect is when they are present at the same time:
- expectation
- there are positions
- organization
- free will is limited
- individual tasks disappear and only goals and tasks issued by the master (leader) are acceptable
- all individual intentions become hostile if the enemy is with the master's (leader's) intentions
- disagreeers become traitors

Second question: should I be here

It is not at all certain that I have to come here if I have the tools I have made for others. The first one is someone who wants to get rid of such a life situation. Good for others, but it's perfect. But since it can also be used to abuse (the person has a good reason theres), an automated check is being carried out, in which we primarily seek to determine whether there is violence in the case.

Optimally, both parties can prove their common goal of salvation. So that the outside party focuses on this picture, who wants to get rid of it and look at this picture. These initiate processes that make my personal involvement in the matter unnecessary, because you can do it yourself. This does not mean that I am not involved in this case with my consciousness, but beyond the lack of cost, the success of own action is also greater.

Third question: if my direct involvement is necessary

The thing for me is like training and learning, because I haven't been able to beat my spiritual mutation so far, but the closer coming (which makes our relationship possible) gives me new lessons and tasks. With my actual power, I intervene in the process only for a task that can be sharpened at any time if the other party breaks the conditions of a decent game.

For me, adventure, learning and experience for you but adventure too, because in such an environment where you are holding energies, liberation is certainly adventurous.

Attention, sects may not only appear in religious gowns!

Idő és Pénz | Time and Money

Fontos! Ezeket a Feladataim bármikor félbeszakíthatják, ám én másképp tekintek az időre, mint te. Azaz ha valamit elvállalok, azt a magasabb dimenziós időrendembe helyezem.
Important! These can be interrupted at any time by My Tasks, but I look at the time differently from you. That is, if I take something, I put it in the higher dimensional order.
Még nagyobb figyelem! Nálam az árnak csak egy részét képezi a pénz. Előfordulhat, hogy egy milliárdosnak az ár 1 dollár lesz, mert a másik része pénzben kifejezhetetlen. Ugyanis ezek az energiák valójában megfizethetetlenek.
More attention! Money is the only part of the price for me. One billionaire may have a price of $ 1 because the other part is inexpressible. Indeed, these energies are actually unaffordable.