Sports Magic

Why did I learn to play tennis at a level at that time so that I could even say new things to a professional tennis player? The answer to this question is in the future, which may even come from here. But sports magic is much more than that even in sports I haven't heard of in my life.

Sport is an excellent area. On the one hand, the (sympathetic) opposite of what I did here for 20 years, on the other hand, changes in this projection interpretation can be measured easily and quickly. Precise measurement results require a decent environment, and only in a developed world. And so many people like professional sports, which can be defined as "audience energy".

In practice energy sorting. Ideal for occasional occasions such as training camps. The basic program includes:
- mental cleaning
- holo healing
- meditative development that has a positive impact on competition results

Some kind of coach, I don't know and don't care. In this most ideal role, as seen from the outside.

Idő és Pénz | Time and Money

Fontos! Ezeket a Feladataim bármikor félbeszakíthatják, ám én másképp tekintek az időre, mint te. Azaz ha valamit elvállalok, azt a magasabb dimenziós időrendembe helyezem.
Important! These can be interrupted at any time by My Tasks, but I look at the time differently from you. That is, if I take something, I put it in the higher dimensional order.
Még nagyobb figyelem! Nálam az árnak csak egy részét képezi a pénz. Előfordulhat, hogy egy milliárdosnak az ár 1 dollár lesz, mert a másik része pénzben kifejezhetetlen. Ugyanis ezek az energiák valójában megfizethetetlenek.
More attention! Money is the only part of the price for me. One billionaire may have a price of $ 1 because the other part is inexpressible. Indeed, these energies are actually unaffordable.