Unique Mandate

You've probably heard of me or found me on one of my web pages. You're looking for a thing you can't talk to people because they look foolish. You need a man who is proficient in spirituality and not a scary man. If you know yourself, read on.

Special Cases | Personal problem

Customers may be looking for special matters that require my expertise. Since individual cases cannot be spoken in general, there is no more information here. This kind of collaboration with me is always an experience, although you can miss the adventure.

Realizing a Dream | For a specific purpose in a team

It is for people who can match the frequencies of Dream and Reality. That is, they are able to realize their dreams. Because my skills are unique, the hologram will surely overwhelm a lot of processes, because I already see it. With this feature, I will be able to make it freely selectable instead of a possible harsh intervention. In dreams that I am happy to participate in and play the best role.

Holo Game | Goal for my person

The holo game here is an augmented reality that you call your daily life. If you are looking for an experience-adventure that is related to me, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this interpretation of events often becomes an experience after our relationship has ended. It all depends on whether you can enjoy the way in the present.

The general case is that you look in some form, followed by a meeting that does not oblige anyone. We can only talk about the beginning of cooperation after Double Yes. The other goal of the meeting is to get information about the task or problem that you already get the chance to answer locally.

Idő és Pénz | Time and Money

Fontos! Ezeket a Feladataim bármikor félbeszakíthatják, ám én másképp tekintek az időre, mint te. Azaz ha valamit elvállalok, azt a magasabb dimenziós időrendembe helyezem.
Important! These can be interrupted at any time by My Tasks, but I look at the time differently from you. That is, if I take something, I put it in the higher dimensional order.
Még nagyobb figyelem! Nálam az árnak csak egy részét képezi a pénz. Előfordulhat, hogy egy milliárdosnak az ár 1 dollár lesz, mert a másik része pénzben kifejezhetetlen. Ugyanis ezek az energiák valójában megfizethetetlenek.
More attention! Money is the only part of the price for me. One billionaire may have a price of $ 1 because the other part is inexpressible. Indeed, these energies are actually unaffordable.